National Flower – Mister Lincoln Rose

Mr. Lincoln Rose photo

The Mister Lincoln Rose, chosen as the official flower of the Daughters of Union Veterans of Civil War, 1861-1865, is a large flowered bush rose originally bred by Swim & Weeks in 1964. Introduced in the United States by Conard-Pyle (Star Roses) as “Mister Lincoln”, it won the prestigious All-America Rose Selections (AARS) award in 1965.

This tall red rose is renowned for its strong fragrance (in still air it can be detected up to 10 feet away) and for its deep, uniform red color. It grows to about 4-feet high and 3-feet across. The leaves are matt dark green. The buds are deep red and open up into large, velvety red, double blossoms. Typically, it has around 30 to 35 petals per flower. A vigorous plant, it performs well in all climates.