The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865 is a National Organization divided into several bodies: National Department, State Departments and Tents. The National Organization is known as the National Department and is composed of State Departments, Detached Tents and National Members-at-Large. State Departments are composed of three (3) or more Tents and State Department Members-at-Large.

Local groups, called Tents, are named for Army Nurses of the War of 1861-1865 or a patriotic woman who was loyal and rendered aid to the Union prior to, during and immediately following the War.

States with three or more Tents have a State Department and may have Members-at-Large.

Detached Tents are Tents in States with less than three Tents.



We are daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters of any generation of honorably discharged soldiers and sailors of the United States Army, Navy or Marine Corps and Revenue Cutter Service who served between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865 in the war for the suppression of the Rebellion, and of such State regiments as were called into active service and subject to the orders of the United States General Officers, between the dates mentioned, and have been honorably discharged and those soldiers and sailors who died or were killed while serving in the armed services of the Union between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865, and who have attained the age of eight years, are eligible for membership.

The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865 is the only Civil War women’s organization based on lineal descent.   Eligibility is through lineal descent only. The eligibility can never be changed. You must furnish a complete war record of your ancestor.

Every woman descended from a Union Veteran will welcome the opportunity to preserve her Civil War heritage for posterity, while honoring and revering her Civil War ancestry by affiliating with this Order.


All applications for membership shall include a completed application and one copy of authentic documents to prove eligibility (copies only) and must include the war record of the ancestor from whom eligibility is derived. Each applicant shall pay an admission fee when submitting the application.

Upon verification and approval annual dues will be requested and are required for membership acceptance. Tents meet regularly to carry out various interesting activities. Members in Tents may hold office and qualify to serve as a delegate at the annual State and National Conventions.

For further information and to obtain an application, click here Eligibility, Instructions and Application Forms  or please contact a Tent in your area.  Below is a list of Tents and contacts.


Birth Record
Complete Birth Certificate
Delayed Birth Certificate
Doctor/Midwife Record
Church Record
HMO Record
Census – Federal, State
Newspaper Announcement
School Record
Baptismal Certificate
Social Security Application
Job Application – Federal, Local

Complete Marriage Record
Marriage Certificate
Newspaper Announcement
Tombstone/Cemetery Record

Complete Death Record
Cemetery/Tombstone Record
Church Record/Notice
Commercial Cemetery Record
Mourning/Funeral Card
Funeral Home Record
Professional Organizations
Insurance Policy
Fraternal Organization Records
Social Security Death Record

Census – State, Federal
Land Records
Military and Pension Records
Tax Records
Genealogies (use with caution)
Probate Records
Bible and Family Records
Church Registers and Records
Encounters with the Law
County Histories (use with caution)

Passports and Visa Applications
Letters from Town Clerks and Town Historians
Church Personnel
Mortgage or Loan Applications
Employment Record – Private Industry
Institutional (Military homes, prisons)

Nancy Lincoln Tent 5
San Diego
Kathleen Winchester
Email Contact

Laura Belle Stoddard Tent 22
Santa Barbara
Sue Ramsey
Email Contact

Elizabeth Benton Fremont Tent 79
Las Vegas, Nevada
Lois Collins
Email Contact

Hannah Anderson Ropes Tent 86
Lynn Robinson
Email Contact

Amanda Stokes Tent 87
San Gabriel Valley

Betsy Woodford
Email Contact

Elizabeth Hill Mills Tent 88
Christina Hurst-Loeffler
Email Contact

Kate. B. Sherwood Tent 89
San Jose

Sharon Garrison
Email Contact

Mary E. Walker Tent 90
Victor Valley
Debbie Blevins
Email Contact

Cornelia Hancock Tent 91
San Fernando Valley
Christina Gollopoly
Email Contact

Mary Jane Safford Tent 92
Temecula Valley

Lynette Harmon-Canales
Email Contact

Ida Saxton McKinley Tent 93
Mari Carroll
Email Contact

Margaret Rhodes Crocker Tent 94

Lois Koenig
Email Contact

Clara Barton Tent 95

Gage Hewes
Email Contact

Johana Shine Tent 96
Northern Nevada

Susan Zimmer
Email Contact